Christina Rinaldi

Dr. Christina Rinaldi is a Professor in the Faculty of Education (Department of Educational Psychology). She teaches and supervises in the School & Clinical Child Psychology program at the University of Alberta. She completed her doctorate in School/Applied Child Psychology at McGill University; and is a Registered Psychologist in both Alberta and Québec. Her professional experience working in schools, hospitals, and mental health settings has informed her work. Her particular expertise is in the area of developmental social and emotional psychological functioning and wellbeing. Her research concentrates on how critical relationships (family, teachers, mentors) in childhood and adolescence support social and emotional learning and development. Dr. Rinaldi is the Scientific Director of the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research.

Research Interests
Social-emotional development; Parent-child relationships; School mental health; Promoting healthy relationships; Nontraditional mentoring and child outcomes; Mental health and wellbeing

DiStasio, M. R., Rinaldi, C., & Cheong, C. (2020). The relationship between indirect aggression and loneliness for emerging adults: What does interpersonal competence have to do with wellbeing? Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 66(1), 1-16. Partridge, E., & Rinaldi, C. (2020). Parenting adolescents in the digital age: Contemporary parenting styles and practices, and how parents need to adjust to the rapid social and technological growth. In N. Roman (Ed.), A Closer Look at Parenting Styles and Practices (Chapter 9). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. Rinaldi, C. M., & Cheong, C. (2020). Peer conflict resolution. Encyclopaedia of Child and Adolescent Development. London, UK: Wiley.

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